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 Electric and Electronic Appliances 26/05/2011 China We are professional manufacturer &supplier for U/spiral energy saving lamps, T5 triphosphor Fluorescent Lamps, H,2U,3U, electronic ballast, high power energy saving lamp ,triphosphor Fluorescent Lamps in china.we have 16 experience Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 26/05/2011 China Energy saving lamp Features: 1, energy saving lamp effect is obvious, than the average 80% energy saving light bulbs; 2, energy-saving tube adopts tricolor rare earth phosphor, light is small, high color; 3, the luminous efficiency, brightness is guaranteed; 4, long life, average life expectancy of up to 8000 hours 5, working have no noise, no flicker, protect eyesight; 6, high power factor, the third harmonic content is low, and other electrical equipment on the network without interference; 7, energy-saving lamp materials (such as: caps, circuit boards , lead, coil skeleton, etc.) are used fire-retardant materials, and low rise work ballast asked, fire retardant, environmentally beneficial; 8, advanced technology, less tin, lead-free process with no acid treatment, mercury content is low, is truly environmentally friendly products; 9, standard power design, strictly according to GB16844-1997, GB/T17263-19998 implementation; 10, products of different color temperature, for use in different places Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 24/01/2006 Bulgaria Bulgarian producer of industrial electronical equipment is looking for subcontracting partners Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 21/12/2005 ISRAEL MECHANICAL TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM SALE Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 17/09/2005 INDIA REDRESOR SALE Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 03/09/2005 INDIA ELECTRONIC PART SALE FOR MOTORCYCLES Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 06/08/2005 HUNGARY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CABLE SALE Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 30/07/2005 ISRAEL COMPASSS STANDING TO KIBLE PURCHASE Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 30/07/2005 ISRAEL THE DEVICE DEGREASING THE PHONE COSTS NEARLY 50% SALE (TELE SAVER) Details
 Electric and Electronic Appliances 23/07/2005 IRAN CABLE SALE Details
Sell Arzum 2000VAcuume Cleaner
Company: ARZUM Dış Tic. Paz. A.Ş
Sell King K849 White Tea coffee machine
Company: İZOTERM A.Ş
Sell 78317
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