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What will membership earn to me?
Members of the;
Can do the updates from the allocated panel,can follow their accounts ,mail to the other members,and can leave buying,selling or collaboration offers,can follow and control all of these operations from the site.

What sort of memberships are there and what are the differences?
There are two kinds of memberships,one is Personal Membership and the other is Corporate Membership.
There is not any difference about process but on the other hand there is some about function .
Personal membership contains personal items but Corporate membership contains much bigger product/duty and work.
You will have the seat after you activate your account with the code sent to your mail.

How Can I Form The Company Space?
Firstly you must be a member to the site.After you register and enter your user name and password , your member panel will appear.You can completly upload your info and the images and create your profile from the member panel.

How must be the size and the specialities of the product’s images?
Your product’s will automatically be sized by our system however ;
The product’s image and your company logo size must be maximum 30kb.The images must be only in JPEG,JPG data format.

How Do I Sell My Products and Services?Where will The Money be Paid to at On-line Sale?
After being a member to the site,you can sell your products from the user panel in your space defining the price and the specilaties.All the process during the sale will be with our member and the customer,at this time our portal will be the agent between two sides.The member will manage all the process about the sale from his account.
The payment about the sale will be paid by bank remittance or credit card if the member had integrated the virtual credit card post number to his member space,it can be controlled from the online account,this is not in the responsibility area of

How are the sales made?
You can sell your products/services from your space on in two ways:
The first way is making the sale from the POS that you have entegrated to company space before.
The second way is making a remittance to the bank account you have specified before.

How can I enter the Pos number?
You can enter your Pos number from the Pos account section in your member space by selecting which bank account you would like to use.

Is the Site Safe?
The order operations are made by the 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding tecnology that is used safely all round the world.Your acquirements are sent to the bank after your Credit card info is accepted by Global Sign.Firstly your credit cart info is sent to Global Sign’s 128 Bit SSL security area, after it is confirmed your card info is sent to the bank and your processes will be done as to the confirm and error codes sent to us. Safe Security Sertificate : Supplies identifing Safe Server Certificate,coding and extra qualities. The Server Certificate ServerSign™ proves the identity of and supplies to keep the communication between you and the customer secret by coding. ServerSign™supplies comprehention integrity ,security and estoppelation by deed by diagnosing.

(Secure Sockets Layer) SSL tecnology was first devoloped by Netscape Communications Corporation,in the length of time it has been an industry standart.SSL is generally used for the communication security,and it is a supplier of data transfering security and integrity security protocol.SSl supplies the sent data not to be seen by a third person during the transfering by coding.The message is transcribed again after the data is received by the correct receiver by SSL,its controlled if its sent by -the correct sender so that the message would be sent in a correct and safe way.
Through using this method the SSL is widely supported by the web sites and browsers,it supplies coding the messages between the customer and the company and transcribing only at the correct address.

I want to leave an Offer ! How can I contact to the Offers?
After registering to the site on our user panel, it shows the request and the offer management on the side of the page .From this space you can see the buying and selling requests and you can create new ones.At the same time you can mail to every request owner.

How Can I Use The Translation Service?
After you write the message to the text box under the leads box,you must click the Sent To Translator icon ,on the next page choose the language you would like to translate to,the cost of the translation will be seen under the text.You can benefit from this service by paying the price on-line.The translations will be done by our sworn-translators.The translated text will be mailed to your mail on your space in the same day.

My Mail ;
You can see the sent and coming messages in this part in your space.
How can ı add my Bank account number?

You can add your bank account number from your member space.

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Company: ARZUM Dış Tic. Paz. A.Ş
Company: Tekform Gümüş Kuyumculuk San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
Company: Bender Mobilya Aksesuar
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