Birebir İletişim Company ;

In consideration of organizational structure,B2B(business to business) and B2C (business to consumer).
In E-business subjects; company has the ability of making quick decisions and
a productive structure.

Birebir İletişim Company has;
An active permanent staff following the fast devoloping internet economy intimately,and a solution focused communication structure.Company is in a systematic devolopment and a customer focused structure in changing business conditions.

The company has been built in İstanbul / Turkey and deals out for Turkey and the World.

B2B Business portals;
Birebir İletisim company has built the for the customers and companies in Turkey,and Trading Area for Universal presentation for the artificial and private persons use, to execute their works on internet.

E-market stand (online catalog);
for presenting and selling our member’s goods and services, the offers for buying or selling leads,and translating services for foreign Trade(translated by sworn translators).

In these portals, with thousands of members and the dynamic structure which are built to spread the popularity of making business on internet and to increase the member’s market shares ,all the tecnical and online support services are given by our call center assistance services .

Our main princibel is giving external utility to all of our members while they are selling or buying (goods or services) without any impossibilities and boards.

B 2 C Online Market;
In our online shopping market
opened in 15 November 2004, 25 shops,170 different categories and over 52,000 products are presents economy of time,generius harvest diversity and acceptable price alternatives.In you can make shopping in 5 minutes with fair rates.Your orders will be delivered by a professional delivery company Aras Kargo to the adress you specified in 3 days.
You can shop from if you are not a member to the site.All of our members will acquire gift points in every shopping.These gift points would be used in the next shopping they make.

Payments at can be made by credit card and money order. Also our members can take the advantage of paying in instalments. The security of the credit cart is under the warranty of the international coding company Global Sign.Your credit cart acquirements are shown in a code format at management panel. No one even the online shop staff can not reach your credit card informations during the shopping.